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Katarzyna Stefanowicz - Equine Art

I have always shared my passion between the easel and the stable… A deep love for horses gave me the possibility of a profound analysis of the anatomy of these beautiful creatures. Nevertheless, I still strive for perfection of my workshop.

In my profession I thoroughly think over every single daub of paint I left on the painting surface. In my opinion, the perfect daub is organic and somewhat blurred. That is a reason why I tend to adopt the drybrush technique which means that I apply rather small amount of paint. With the help of the chiaroscuro technique I shape form and space. I attempt at capturing numerous details, indistinguishable for an average spectator, while still preserving the original proportions. However, it is the form that is the most important; for the colour is subordinated to the form, not the other way round. I immerse my pictures in tones derived from nature, often muted. I am always trying to seize the untamed, fleeting beauty of horses, sparkling sweat on their fur, foaming muzzle, sparky eye…

In my works I wish to obtain a certain type of theatricality, as if lights were directed at only one actor, who is playing the main role. Everything else remains in the shade. I operate with a technique most refined - oil painting. In that way I am addressing the most distinguished painters of the past era while still striving for a technological perfection. I paint thinly following the style of the Dutch painters; by putting subsequent layers of paint I am emphasizing the sense of space in a painting. Instead of canvas though, I use my beloved wood which is a natural material, more durable and also smoother on its surface what helps enormously in illustrating all the details.

I refined my skills at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu) where I did a major in screen printing and, then, in easel oil painting. I participated in numerous open air paintings. I exhibit my works in galleries such as Ether in Warsaw, Tadeo in Bielsko-Biala and, last but not least, Jest in Torun. Most often though, I paint to individual orders from horse owners and raisers. My paintings can be found in many private collections across all Europe. I never copy my works.

Katarzyna Stefanowicz
+48 502 353 101